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Grays was founded in Cambridge by world rackets champion H.J. Gray in 1855 and have built a worldwide reputation for supplying quality sports equipment; notably for hockey, racquets and cricket (under the Gray-Nicolls brand).

The company has remained in family hands ever since and is now owned and controlled by 5th generation. 

Continued Growth

Well established as hockey stick manufacturers, Grays strengthened their position with the purchase of the famous hockey firm of Hazells in 1941 and invested in a new hockey manufacturing plant at their Cambridge factory. It was here that the foundations for Grays unique hockey reputation were laid.

The growing popularity of the shorter Indian heads led to the establishment of Grays Pakistan in 1965.

It was here that the world renowned Grays Karachi King with its instantly recognisable orange flash was established. Grays Pakistan floated on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in 1987 and has been one of Pakistan's most successful companies ever since.

Never content to rest on their laurels, with the introduction of composite materials, Grays were one of the first brands to launch a composite stick and now offer a complete range of both wood and composites.

Grays hockey expertise is reflected by their use on the pitch. From the Victorious Pakistan Team in the first ever Hockey World Cup to the Athens Olympics - Grays sticks have have been the choice of leading internationals for decades.

Product Innovation

From their very beginnings, Grays have led the way in hockey product innovation.


Introduction of Mulbery Indian Heads, Grays introduce coloured towelling grips and the famous orange flash for on pitch visibility. Launch of the first Karachi King which set the gold standard in hockey sticks for 30 years. Grays first to introduce a spliced toe.


Fibreglass reinforcement introduced, Karachi King Super launched. The image shows the Pakistan World Cup Team in the 1971 hockey world cup using Grays Karachi King Sticks.


The development of the laminated head allowed the launch of the first hook, midi and maxi heads. Grays introduced revolutionary new reinforcement and hardwood handles to deliver the stiffer more powerful sticks for the Astroturf game. Grays were soon the first to introduce specialist hockey grips to meet evolving player needs. Grays Goalkeeping first launched - one of the first to use high density foam.


The ground breaking Xtratech sleeve reinforcement of the new International range allowed Grays to produce the stiffest most powerful wooden sticks yet and allowed the introduction of the Low Backhand Zone. Grays were one of the first brands to launch a composite stick and after years of testing and refining the shape, these sticks now possess the same special Grays "feel" and as such are totally unique to Grays. Grays footwear and clothing launched, specifically designed for hockey.


Following the F.I.H rule change in March 2000, hockey stick technology has changed forever and Grays have led this latest stick technology revolution. Designed with the help of our leading internationals, our GX Series is our most extensive and specialist to date and has been put together by responding to the games very latest playing trends. Our comprehensive range offers new blade profiles, reinforcement specifications and headshape profiles in a wide variety of length and weight options.


Grays performance and innovation has seen them  continue to have a major presence at the latest  Olympics in Rio


Australia Men: Mark Knowles, Eddie Ockenden, Jeremy Edwards

Australia Women: Kristina Bates, Maddie, Radcliffe, Kalindi Commerford

New Zealand Men: Hugo Inglis

New Zealand: Stacey Michelsen